NIU kick scooter KQi3 Max EU Black Grey

Product number: NIU-KQI3MAX-BG
EAN: 6972782764774
Manufacturer number: 6972782764774

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MAX Performance, Maximum Thrill

Choose KQi3 MAX if you need:
• MAX performance and speeds with 25% hill climbing
• To ride very long distances
• Max comfort and stability
• Bars, deck, and wheels all wider than competitor’s
• Upgraded carrying capacity
• Classic NIU design with bold elements
• Excellent value compared to competition

Target Audience: Speed demons, heavy duty users, power
commuters, larger riders


Category: E-vehicles, e-Scooters
App functionality level: Smart
End of life: No
Colour of product: Black, Grey
Other features
Maximum speed: 25 km/h
Battery life: 65 km
Charging time: 8 h
Weight & dimensions
Weight: 0 g